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What is CashInPills?


We are an affiliate program platform that helps you to make money selling our products worldwide. We have 40+ offers in 30 different languages being sold via over 50 local payment methods. Our affiliates enjoy solid commissions, insightful stats interfaces, custom promo tools, geo targeted banners, dedicated account managers and fun contests.

Will I have to pay anything?


No, you won’t. Participation in our affiliate program is free.

Can everybody become an affiliate?


Yes, everybody can become a CashInPills affiliate.

Is it necessary to sign a contract?


No, it isn’t. It is enough to register as an affiliate in our affiliate program and provide all necessary information. By joining our program, you acknowledge acceptance of the terms and conditions of the CashInPills affiliate program.

How to start making money?


To start earning, you need to download our advertising materials (banners, articles etc.) and display them on your web pages. Your revenues will depend on two things: the number of customers buying our products through your websites and the value of the goods.

How can I earn without a web page?


If you don’t have your own website, there are other ways in which you can promote our products, like:

When will I be able to pay out the collected money?


In order to pay out your money, you have to collect EUR50 or more. The money is always paid out on the 15th day of each month.

How can I get my money?


Commissions are paid out once a month under the condition you collect at least EUR50. We offer a wide range of payout methods you can choose from: Paxum, wire transfer, check, WebMoney or Epese.

Is there any fixed date, when I lose the money I have collected?


No, there isn’t. The money you have earned is on your account waiting to be paid out.

What are the consequences arising from violating the terms and conditions of the affiliate program?


If any violation of the terms and conditions has been committed, we are allowed to end the cooperation with the partner. As a result, the affiliate’s account is blocked and the affiliate cannot pay out the money. “Spamming” is one of the actions that are forbidden.

What is spam?


Spam is an unsolicited commercial email. DO NOT send e-mails promoting our products to people who have not agreed to receive them. DO NOT spam. Never. Spam is illegal, unethical and above all - ineffective.

Where can I find affiliate links used to promote your products?


You can yourself create unique promo links when you view the subpage ‘Links and Creations’. You will find there all necessary tools enabling you to promote our products. You can choose from a variety of:

How to create an affiliate link?


It’s enough to choose the product you want to advertise and decide whether you need a link or a banner to display on your website. The code is immediately ready to download and display on your site. It’s necessary for us to know that the order was made through your website and you have earned commission. You will find the code when you view the subpage ‘Links’.

What are campaigns?


A campaign is a tool used to measure the efficiency of your actions. By adding a unique element to the link placed in some place (e.g. an advert), you can check how many people visited us thanks to this particular advertisement.

When are commissions calculated?


The commission is calculated when the product is sent to the customer.

Can I make money on recommending the affiliate program to other webmasters?


Yes, you can. It’s possible to promote the affiliate program itself and earn on it. The commission on each sale made by the recommended affiliate is 5%.

Can I get an e-mail address to the affiliates I have recommended?


Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Our Privacy Policy doesn’t allow us to share the data provided by our affiliates or customers.

What is the highest commission I can earn on one order?


You can earn commission on each product that is in our affiliate program. For most of our products we offer a 30% commission. However, there are some with even higher commission percentage.

What happens with the commission when the customer returns the product?


Even if the customer is not satisfied with the results the product has produced and decides to return it, the commission will not be deducted from your income. The commission will be deducted only when the customer fails to collect the ordered goods.

Will my commissions be calculated correctly if I haven’t filled the data form yet?


Yes, they will. However, you will not be able to pay out your money unless fill in the form. To receive the payment, you should provide us with the required information.


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